Do you want to learn how to code? The Next Web is here to help you!

codeOn april 10th, The Next Web Academy andKevin Cawley (CTO) of Birdbox invite you to a two hour class on how to Learn The Basics of Code and build your own Web App.

by Oana Coșman

Kevin is a technical co-founder of several mobile, social and big data startups. He most recently was the CTO of LinkSmart and before that he successfully sold his mobile company SmartFeed and built one of the first mobile Twitter applications called TinyTwitter.

Alongside Ben Nunez (CEO Birdbox), Kevin will walk you through the basics of getting started with software development by building a simple web application in Ruby on Rails. The class is open to any person that is interested in learning the basics of programming so no experience is needed.

During the two hours, the tech specialists will teach you how to set up a development environment, to use Github, start an Amazon Web Services account, how to write some code and how to deploy  a functioning app.

The course is 99 $.

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